Taguchi Orthogonal Array

These designs are not recommended. Modern designs along with ever improving and available computer power have superseded the need for these “calculate by hand” designs. Use optimal designs with measured responses instead.

Design Designation: Select the orthogonal array that best matches your needs.

L4 (23) this is a 4 run design used to estimate main effects from a two level, three factor design

L18 (22 x 36) is an 18 run, inner x outer orthogonal array to look at two control factors with two levels each and six uncontrolled factors with three levels each.

The other designs are arranged similarly.

Name: (defaults to alphabetically ascending letters) Enter a descriptive name for each factor.

Units: (optional) Enter the units of measure for each factor.

Levels: A predetermined number of levels that depend on the Design Designation.

L[i]: Specifies the setting to use in the experiment. Specify the exact spelling and punctuation for each of the levels (a.k.a. treatments).