When All Else Fails

Try Right-Clicking

Tables, reports and graphs can be directly Exported to Microsoft Word® or PowerPoint®.

Cells on reports have context-sensitive help about what they contain.

Copy the selected contents.

Editable cells can be pasted over or cleared.

The design layout screen has several different right-click functions.

  • The column headers (gray squares labeled Run, Factor, Response, etc) give access to sorting, inserting, ignoring, deleting, etc.

  • The row headers (gray square to the left of each row) gives access to duplicating, deleting, setting custom row statuses, etc.

  • Editable response cells can be toggled between normal and ignored status.

Several adjacent columns, rows, or cells can be selected (click on the first object, shift+click on the last) and then right-click on one of the selected headers to apply the same function to all.

No matter how the above objects are selected, the right-click menu is context sensitive depending on where you right-click.

The Select button on the Design layout spreadsheet.

  • Change which columns are currently displayed

  • Change the columns displayed by default when a new design is created.

  • Sort the design by Row Status.

Model editing screens (where you see “model” and “error” beside the list of factors) right-clicking assigns a term to the model, or error pool respectively. On some models, terms can be forced as well.

On graphs the right-click menu is context sensitive.

  • Right-click on the general plot area to change how the graph is displayed.

  • Open the Graph Preferences dialog to adjust the X and Y axes tick marks, colors, etc.

  • Add a Flag to cube, contour and 3D plots.

  • Right-click directly on a flag to change how it is displayed.

  • Add a contour to contour and 3D plots.

  • Right-click directly on a contour to manually set the value.

  • Right-click on a factor on the Factors Tool to assign it to a display axis.

Stat-Ease Direct Support

Support Website

Support inquiries require a valid annual support and maintenance agreement. This agreement is included with annual network licenses.

Please provide the software serial number (formatted as XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) which can be found by clicking on the Help Menu and selecting About.

Please also supply the name and address of the organization where the software is being used.

Serial numbers with an active annual service and maintenance (ASM) agreement receive limited support.

If you think you have spotted a bug, or have questions about installing, activating, or licensing the software, contact support@statease.com.

For questions about how to choose a design for your experiment, interpret the results, or how to use the software contact Statistical support.

If you have a file created by Stat-Ease that is related to your question, please attach it to the email.