Analytics Solutions Conference

Minneapolis, MN - June 18-20

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend and present at the 2019 Analytics Solutions Conference. It was a huge success! We have posted the presentations in pdf format. Click here and head to the Speakers section.

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Design of Experiments Workshops

We offer hands-on design of experiments workshops, both in the United States and abroad. Whether you are looking for a class for the first-time experimenter or the advanced practitioner, we can help.

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Design-Expert Software

Whether you are new to design of experiments or a seasoned pro, you'll make breakthrough improvements to a product or a process with Design‑Expert software. Now on macOS.

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A better product. An improved process. Stat-Ease, armed with an expertise in design of experiments, has been helping people make breakthroughs since 1985. Find out how our Design‑Expert software, training, books, and consulting can help you improve your bottom line.

Make the most from every experimentsm

Version 12

Design of Experiments Software

Design-Expert version 12

Make breakthrough improvements to a product or a process with Design-Expert, whether you are new to design of experiments or a pro. It's straightforward, easy-to-use interface sits on top of a powerful statistical engine. You will not only screen for vital factors, but also locate ideal process settings for top performance & discover optimal product formulations.

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Mixture & Combined Designs for Optimal Formulations

October 22-23, Edison, NJ


Via real-world case studies, this 2-day workshop lays out tools for mixture design that vary product recipes in search of the "sweet spot" where it meets all specifications. Learn the secrets for applying a multicomponent formulation strategy to maximize mixture performance. We top it all off by combining process factors, so by class-end you can literally mix your cake and bake it too.

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What's New

Case Study
case study

Case Study: Know the SCOR for Multifactor Strategy of Experimentation

By Mark on May 14, 2019

This article by Mark Anderson was published in the March 2019 edition of The ITEA Journal (presented here in it's manuscript format).

Summary: By way of example, this article lays out a strategy for design of experiments (DOE) that provides maximum efficiency and effectiveness for development of a robust system.

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ASQ/ASA Fall Technical Conference Attendees - Sharpen those DOE Skills!

By Greg & Shari on Aug. 19, 2019

Expand your design of experiments (DOE) expertise at the 2019 Fall Technical Conference.

Stat-Ease staff will be on location to help you with all your DOE needs. Learn new techniques at our short-course and session talk. Get all your questions answered and see our software at our exhibit booth.

Begin DOE

I'm a Beginner at DOE

By Stat-Ease on July 22, 2019

Are you new to design of experiments (DOE) and not sure where to begin? Stat-Ease offers software, training, articles, books, online tutorials, newsletters, FAQs and DOE Resources, consulting services, and technical support to get you started. Click here for more information.