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Case Study

Response Surface Methods Point the Way to Higher rAAV Yields at Lower Levels of Transfection Reagent

By Kara Bautista on May 13, 2020

Researchers at Adverum Biotechnologies have demonstrated that a novel multifactor design of experiments (DOE) methodology can optimize production of a recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vector. The methodology, an advanced form of DOE that incorporates response surface methods (RSMs), focused on the relative amounts of transfection agent polyethylenimine (PEI) and DNA.

This methodology is unique because of the way it keeps the ratio of PEI nitrogen to DNA phosphate—the N/P ratio—within a specified range. The N/P ratio is well known to influence the rAAV yields obtained via transient transfection.

New Blog Post

New Blog Post: Greg's DOE Adventure - Factorial Design, Part 2

By Greg on April 16, 2020

The latest installment of Greg's DOE Adventure covers more of the basic concepts behind DOE and factorial design. In this blog post, planning an experiment and randomization are covered. Discussing what each concept is and why they are so important.


Webinar: Know the SCOR for Multifactor Strategy of Experimentation

By Mark Anderson on April 20, 2020

By way of example, this presentation lays out a strategy for design of experiments (DOE) that provides maximum efficiency and effectiveness for development of a robust process. It provides a sure path for converging on the ‘sweet spot’—the most desirable combination of process parameters and product attributes. Whether you are new or experienced at doing DOE, this talk is for you (and your organization's bottom line!).