Private On-Site DOE Training

Industry Courses

Bring Stat-Ease workshops to your organization with our private, on-site training. We travel to locations both in the United States and internationally! Request a quote today - call our Lead Client Specialist at 612.746.2030 or e-mail

Our personalized, live training will meet your needs! Benefits include:

♦ World-class instructors with industry experience in design of experiments (DOE)
♦ Hands-on learning that allows you to immediately practice DOE concepts with relevant case studies
♦ Economical—no travel costs or extended time away for your employees
♦ One-on-one instructor help both before and after class
♦ Access to follow-up help from our entire group of experienced DOE professionals

Whether you are looking for a class for the first-time experimenter or the advanced practitioner, we can help. All of our public classes are available as private workshops, plus we offer additional on-site-only options. Workshops include:

Modern DOE for Process Optimization

Mixture and Combined Designs for Optimal Formulations

Experiment Design Made Easy

Designed Experiments for Pharma

Designed Experiments for Medical Devices

Designed Experiments for Assay Optimization

Designed Experiments for Food Sciences

Would you like to evaluate the workshop you are interested in first? If so, we recommend that you send someone to the public workshop. If the class is subsequently held privately at your location, we will give you a $500 tuition credit towards the on-site workshop. In order to be eligible for the discount, however, you need to contact the Workshop Manager prior to attending the public workshop.

We offer a 20% discount on software, textbooks or consulting hours purchased in conjunction with a workshop. For more information about on-site training, call our Lead Client Specialist at 612.746.2030 (or e-mail Click here to register for public workshops. Thank you for considering us! We are confident you will be impressed with our expert instructors and quality curriculum.