Design of Experiments (DOE) Made Powerful

Make breakthrough improvements to your product and process with Stat-Ease 360. This "pro" version augments Design-Expert software with commanding features for advanced users. Capitalizing on the same streamlined workflow that makes Design-Expert best-in-class for design of experiments, technical professionals who are running computer experiments or want to implement Python scripting can now take advantage of all new functionality. Space-filling designs, Gaussian process models, Python scripting, and a new logistic classification node make Stat-Ease 360 a more powerful version of Design-Expert!

The 2022 Release adds Custom Graphs, a multi-response Analysis Summary, the ability to analyze blocks as random effects, and a simple Import/Export of Excel files for quick transfer of data.

Stat-Ease 360 makes it incredibly easy to apply powerful multifactor testing tools. Give it a try to see what it can do for accelerating your research and making it a huge success. Download the Stat-Ease 360 feature sheet.

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Python Integration

Create Python scripts that interact with Stat-Ease 360. Make use of the entire Python ecosystem to visualize, analyze, and make the most of your data.

Space-Filling Designs & Gaussian Process Models

Build and analyze designs for deterministic responses such as those from computer experiments with Gaussian process models.

Excel Import/Export

Added by popular demand! Users can now import and export data and design files directly between Stat-Ease 360 and Microsoft Excel for seamless transitions.

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Watch the Stat-Ease 360 launch webinar: The Debut of Stat-Ease 360 presented by Martin Bezener, Stat-Ease President & CTO.

Watch Python Integration with Stat-Ease 360 presented by Hank Anderson, Vice-President of Software Development.

More on-demand videos available on the Stat-Ease YouTube Channel.

View the Stat-Ease 360 Feature Sheet

“Our elite users provided overwhelmingly positive feedback to our unveiling of SE360 at the 2021 Stat-Ease DOE Summit. Its new features, particularly the Python tools, expand the horizon of our software tremendously. Advanced experimenters get all of the powerful and intuitive features of Design-Expert, plus a lot more.”

Martin Bezener, Stat-Ease President & CTO

New in DX13: Design Space Augmentation Wizard

Expand, contract, or shift your design space to hone in on an optimal area. DX13's wizard makes this easy for both process and mixture designs. Re-use existing data (or remove some) and make the most out of your experiment!

New in DX13: Poisson Regression

Use Poisson regression to fit more precise models when the response is count data (discrete, non-negative), such as the number of defects per unit or the number of occurrences per time period.

New in DX13: Multiple Analyses

Easily model any response in various ways to easily compare them. Simply press the plus (+) button on the Analysis branch and try different model reduction methods or transformations. Choose the best analysis for achieving optimization goals.

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