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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, not only as a participant but also as an individual, for being able to institutionalize the concepts of QbD, DOE and statistical tools in a more objective and unequivocal manner than is often practiced. The clarity & granularity received towards the conceptual understanding of applied Design of Experiments, has been one of the highlights & takeaways even to a graduate of statistics like me.   

The workshop was instrumental in my realizing a constant need to relook & redefine the understanding & practice of statistical philosophy in a knowledge intensive industry like ours (pharmaceuticals), and evolve with time & need to take it to the next level of sustainability. I feel privileged to be a part of such an extensive & enriching experience.

I look forward to revisiting & applying many of the DoE techniques with a better understanding now than ever.

—Saikat Mukhopadhyay, Sr. Scientist, Quality by Design, Dr. Reddy’s

I thought the training was great. The pace and duration of the class were appropriate. I have been able to setup some experiments using knowledge that I have learned from this class. I feel more comfortable using the software and analyzing my results. The instructors were also very helpful and a joy to work with.

—Stephanie Penaloza, Research Specialist, DiaSorin Inc.

This is the first time in my life I have attended an introductory course in DOE that explains the basics while proceeding smoothly to the up-to-date methods and tools necessary to create a distinguished competitive advantage in process/product development. The course is definitely preparing students for 'the future', not 'the past'. The course has expanded my statistical knowledge and consciousness, more importantly, I had so much fun.

—Esra Aleisa, Kuwait University

A more balanced presentation of the practical and theoretical aspects of DOE would be hard to imagine...

—Ed Warner, Merck & Company

Thanks again for your continued effort to serve your customers with a great overall design of experiments package. This package includes great: software, technical support, publicity support, statistical consulting help, web site resources, courses, and now webinars.

—Arved Harding, Statistician, Eastman Chemical Company

I thought the course was a great introduction to using DOE and it has the ability to take students from having little/minimal understanding of DOE to feeling comfortable in using it to design and analyze their next experiment. The examples in class allowed the students to practice with real data and get a feel for what to expect, how to troubleshoot, and when to recognize that they may be going down the wrong path. The software allows the user to execute very straightforward, simple designs, or quite complex designs, and anything in-between. No amount of 'playing around' with the software or teaching myself the program would have given me the training I got in the three-day course.

—Tia Estey, Biogen Idec

Stat-Ease courses enabled me to bring better products to market faster. They were truly among the best classes I have attended (including graduate-level classes) in terms of improving my abilities to succeed in product development.

—Alex Fensore, International Imaging Materials (NY)

If you continue at your present pace and we in the Manufacturing & Service industries don't repeat the response to Deming after WWII, I believe your contributions to improving quality and productivity in the U.S. through the increased use of DOE--as a direct result of your training and software--will be among the most significant in the early 21st Century.

—Roger Gremling, Zimmer Incorporated (Indiana)

This was one of the best CEU-type courses I've come across in 39 years in the industry! Great presentation!

—Dave Windstein, Harley Davidson

I never got to algebra in school and you helped me to understand more than any other class I ever took! All Techs and Engineers should know this!

—Michael J. Martinez, Guidant-ASC

Over the course of my 24 years in the profession, I have participated in more than 100 classes, symposia, and workshops with a broad range of professionally relevant topics. I would rate this class in the top 5 within my range of experience in terms of relevance and value.

—Rick Tufty, Maxtor Corporation

This was a great class! Thank you for clarity & enthusiasm in teaching statistics & DOE. I can't wait to get back to work and start applying everything I've learned.

—Alexis Leonard, Nastech Pharmaceutical Company

It opened a whole new world for a quintessential technologist-experimentalist like me.

—Sanjay V. Sherikar, IMI Vision-CCI

Stat-Ease instructors do a great job of taking something that is highly statistical and making it real life (very applicable).

—Bill Jones, J.M. Huber

Interactive nature, great examples which covered a good variety of situations.

—Lisa Chin, Biogen IDEC

The notebook was very helpful in tracking the instructor. It's like a little reminder of exactly what I went through.


The instructor was great! Entertaining as well as informative. I came in fearing this course even though I'm semi-familiar with 2- to 3-level DOE Factorial designs. The instructor kept the class lively and was also very approachable. My fears definitely faded away within the first day. I usually don't participate in class settings, but I did in this one. Thanks!

—Le Ly, Biogen IDEC

Complex concepts presented in a practical and useful manner.

—Achyuth Hassan, Quest International

'Real-world' type examples. The software describes what to do, and why you do it.

—Beverly Zimmerman, Intertape Polymer Group, Inc.

Excellent collection of material and presentation with good real-life examples. Best of the series.

—Shankar Godavarti, Boston Scientific

The instructor was absolutely excellent, as was the course content. A winner!

—Alex Salvatti, JBL Professional