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"Really great intro to DOE - I can't wait to learn more!" - R&D Scientist, Pharmaceutical Industry

PreDOE: Basic Statistics for Experimenters

PreDOE is an entry-level course for technicians, managers and professionals who need a review of the basics. This is not an academic class—it's a hands-on presentation of practical statistical tools needed to succeed using design of experiments. Through the use of interactive exercises and tutorials, you will learn concepts of statistical thinking, risk management, t-testing and analysis of variance (ANOVA). After mastering these basic tools, you'll be ready to move on to one of our instructor-led workshops, or more of our eLearning courses.

Expected completion time: 2-3 hours

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4 Easy Steps to Effective Factorial Design

Learn the four steps used to plan effective design of experiments (DOE's). Proper planning is key to a successful DOE. This course is intended for anyone who would like to do DOE, but doesn't know where to start. For example, an engineer who wants to improve the quality of a product or reduce costs, or a chemist who wants to increase the yield of a chemical process. Any product or process that has controllable inputs (factors) and measurable outputs (responses) can be improved by using DOE. This course will teach you how to build a good factorial DOE. To learn how to do the statistical analysis of the factorial design, continue with the next course, "Finding the Vital Settings via Factorial Analysis".

Expected completion time: 1 hour

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Finding the Vital Settings via Factorial Analysis

Learn how to analyze a two-level factorial experiment. Designed as a follow-up to the "4 Easy Steps to Effective Factorial Design" eLearning course, you will analyze the DOE (experimental design) studied there. Additional case studies are used to reinforce the analysis techniques. By the end of the course you will know how to fully analyze a factorial DOE including:

–Selecting the effects for modeling
–Interpreting an analysis of variance (ANOVA)
–Using diagnostics to ensure a valid model
–Interpreting graphs to optimize your product or process.

Expected completion time: 2 hours

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How to Save Runs with Fractional Factorial Designs

Learn how to save experimental effort by using fractional factorial designs. Designed as a follow-up to the "Finding the Vital Settings via Factorial Analysis" online eLearning course, you will learn about aliasing and how to choose the right fractional factorial to meet your DOE objectives. Explore the screening, characterization and optimization (SCO) strategy to find optimum factor settings for your product or process.

Expected completion time: 2 hours

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DOE Simplified Launchpad

Bring the DOE Simplified, 3rd Edition book to life with this companion eLearning experience. This completely narrated presentation of the first three chapters of the book includes hands-on exercises and is designed to bring you up to speed on the basics of the two-level factorial design.

Required resources: DOE Simplified 3rd edition textbook, Design-Expert software (v10 or later)

Expected completion time: 5 hours

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