Design of Experiments (DOE) Made Easy

Make breakthrough improvements to your product and process with Design-Expert software. Screen for vital factors and components, characterize interactions and, ultimately, achieve optimal process settings and product recipes. Set flags and explore contours on interactive 2D graphs; then visualize the response surface from all angles with rotatable 3D plots. Finally, maximize desirability for all your responses simultaneously and overlay them to see the “sweet spot” meeting all specifications. Design-Expert makes it incredibly easy to apply powerful multifactor testing tools. Give it a try to see what it can do for accelerating your research and making it a huge success.

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Design Your Experiment

Design-Expert provides powerful tools to lay out an ideal experiment on your process, mixture or combination of factors and components. When in doubt, build it stout via in-line power calculations and the ability to add blocks and center points. Design-Expert’s design wizards and intuitive layouts such as the stoplight configuration for two-level factorials make it all far easier than you’d even imagine. Check it out!

Analyze Your Data

Design-Expert makes it easy to see what, if anything, emerges as statistically significant and how to model the results most precisely. It provides the confidence you need to present and, perhaps, publish your findings. Don’t take our word for it, test it out with one or more of the data sets that come with the software.

Visualize Your Results

Design-Expert offers a wide selection of graphs that help you identify standout effects and visualize your results. Its outputs create a strong impression when you communicate your findings to supervisors and peers. Download the free trial today, skim through the response surface tutorial provided under ‘Help’, and see for yourself.

Latest Release: Version 12!

The release of Design-Expert version 12 includes many new additions to its design, analysis, and visualization components. All done while keeping our intuitive and easy-to-use interface intact.

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"Design-Expert revolutionized my product development. It's hard to imagine living without them."

Simon Dennington, Polymer Lab Manager, Borregard Industries (Norway)

New in v12: Logistic Regression

When results can only be binomial (0 or 1; pass or fail) standard model-fitting falls short. Logistic regression works far better by predicting the probability of success or failure, as shown in the plot of a surface-to-air (SAM) missile test.

“The development work that we do at my company often requires 0/1 assessments. This will be a tremendous help for us.”

–Jason Pandolfo, Development Chemist, Quaker Chemical

New in v12: Kowalski-Cornell-Vining (KCV) Models

Experiments that combine mixture components (such as a cake recipe) with process factors (baking conditions, for example) require too many combinations when fitted to traditional crossed (mixture x process) models. By eliminating superfluous high-order terms, KCV models greatly reduce the number of required runs, with appreciable savings in time, materials and money.

New in v12: Side-by-Side View of Factorial Effects Plots

View the interactive half-normal and Pareto plots simultaneously while selecting factor effects for a a dynamic assessment of your experimental results.

"In my opinion, among all the software available for DOE, Design-Expert is the most friendly and complete package; I am a big fan of it."

—Márcia Cristina Breitkreitz, Professor, State University of Campinas, Brazil