What’s New

Excel Import/Export (Stat-Ease 360® only)

  • You can now import your design data directly from an Excel file. You can also export the design to an Excel file.

Random Blocks (Stat-Ease 360® only)

  • A new analysis option is available when using blocks, to treat them as random as opposed to a fixed block analysis. Random blocks are more appropriate when model predictions will be made at new levels of the block that were not present in the experiment. For example, if you have blocked by day.

Analysis Summary

  • The Coefficients Table has been replaced with the Analysis Summary. This node contains tables with comparisons of key values across all analyses.

Custom Graphs

  • The Graph Columns node has been replaced with Custom Graphs. You can now plot more than just the columns in the design, including data from any of the analyses. In addition, you can now plot data by size and symbol.

Shaded Intervals

  • Prediction, confidence, and tolerance intervals can now be set to “shaded” to color the entire interval width.

Hosted License

  • A new licensing option is available to host a network license at statease.com. This allows you to run the software on multiple devices without requiring an on-premises license server.