Numerical Optimization Report

The report contains two tables the first summarizing the criteria constraints used to produce the second table of optimal solutions for the process.

Constraints: A summary spreadsheet to show all of the criteria applied to find the optimal settings.

Solutions: Look through all the given solutions to see which ones best meet the specified criteria.

If there are”No solutions found” then return to the criteria screen and relax the limits on the goals until some solutions are found.

A desirability of 1.00 means the goals were easy to reach and better results may be available. Consider making the goals more difficult or adding new criteria for less critical responses and even factors.

The ultimate goal is not to maximize the desirability value. The factor settings that result in the highest desirability scores indicate there is an island of acceptable outcomes. It is quite possible for there to be multiple islands (local optima) to explore.

Starting Points: This is a list of the points used to begin the search for the local optima.