Categoric Factor Info

Name: (defaults to alphabetically ascending letters) Enter a descriptive name for each factor.

Units: (optional) Enter the units of measure for each factor.


Nominal: (default) This type of factor is one that simply uses names or classes to describe the levels, for instance peanut butter types (Creamy, Chunky, SuperChunk).

Ordinal: This type of factor uses numbers that are ordered to show the natural progression, for instance temperature (200, 250, 300 Kelvin), where the baseline is the first level. These will be analyzed using orthogonal polynomial contrasts, which can be broken down into linear, quadratic, cubic, etc. components.

All levels and combinations of levels of categoric factors will be included in the design.


Instead of using ordinal contrasts you may be better off building a response surface design with discrete numeric factors.

Levels: Enter the number of levels (N) for each factor.

L[i]: Specifies the setting to use in the experiment. Specify the exact spelling and punctuation for each of the levels (a.k.a. treatments).