Mix User-Defined Model Selection Screen

Edit model - The software will default to a certain type of model, depending on the type of design being created. You may customize the model by clicking on the Edit Model button. A higher order model will produce a larger design. For more information, see the help topic for this feature.

Blocks - allows the design to be separated into blocks. No runs are added to user-defined designs.

Read list - This is an advanced option used to read in a candidate point list (perhaps defined from another User Defined or Historical design). All points in the candidate set are used in the design.

Candidate Points - This section defines the point types that are included in the design. Generally, no changes to this portion of the screen are necessary. If you click on the Calculate points button the number design points is calculated. You do not have to click on this button for the design to be created.

Write list: Clicking Write list will create a candidate file containing all the selected candidate points less any point not meeting the constraints entered on the previous screen.