Graph Columns

This node produces a scatter plot to compare any two columns and color by a third. By default, the first factor is plotted versus the first response with data in it or the first two factors if no response data has been entered. The default Color By is the Run column but can be changed to any column on the design layout screen.

The Graph Columns tool has two versions.

1. The default Grid view is a correlation grid. Click in the cell containing the desired combination to display it on the plot.

  1. The Menu view each axis is assigned a column through a pull down selector.

To fit a trend indicator, enable “Show line on graph”. With the slider all the way to the left, the line will fit to the average Y-axis value and appear to follow each point. With the slider all the way to the right, a wider overall trend is shown. There is no test or model associated with the line, it is a guide for the eye to see possible relationships in the data.