Graph Flags

Flags are used to show information about a specific point within the confines of the design.

Flags can be added to contour, 3D and cube plots by right-clicking and selecting “Add flag”. The flag will appear at the location of the right-click. For cube plots, flags may only be added to existing design points, but flags planted on other plots will carry over and be displayed at the correct location.

Flags added to any plot will show up on all the plots mentioned above.

Except for 3D plots, flags can be dragged to a different spot in the graph area.

Except for 3D plots, flags have right-click options to modify the information presented and their appearance. For 3D graphs flags all you can do is delete them.

Right-click on the flag to…

Change the Flag Size

  • Minimized is just a pendant to mark the location.

  • Small (default and only setting available for 3D plots) shows the prediction from the model at that location.

  • Large shows all the information that is available on the point prediction node.

Edit Info, to only show the information needed.

Move Flag up, down, left, and right a small amount rather than dragging.

Bring the Flag to the Front and/or Send the Flag to the Back are used to make sure the correct flag is being displayed when there are more than one on the plot. The last flag touched will always move to the front.

Return it to the Default Flag Location does exactly what it says.

Delete Flag to remove unneeded flags from the plot.