ANOVA for Simple Samples

The ANOVA is where the descriptive statistics and statistical tests are presented. In general, look for low p-values to identify important terms in the model.

Select View > Annotated ANOVA to see the blue annotation text to help interpret the key elements in the ANOVA report.

Right-click in a cell on the report and select Help from the menu for details about that section.

The sections that are available depend on the type of model fit to the data.

This style of ANOVA is for data that has no factors. For simple samples the software computes the descriptive statistics and provides interval estimates for the population average. No hypothesis tests are available, this report is strictly informational.

ANOVA Sections

ANOVA: Only the residual information is computed. The mean square is the variance of the simple sample.

ANOVA Stats: The standard deviation and mean are provided. The PRESS statistic can be compared to the Sum of Squares above. The PRESS will always be larger. If it seems too large, look through the diagnostics to see if any data points are far away from the mean.

Coefficients: The only coefficient in a simple sample is the over-all average.