Start the Design From Existing Data

There is often data already available and there is no reason to waste it.

Augment the existing runs with a two-part optimal procedure.

First part: Load the existing runs.

  1. Start with the appropriate (response surface, mixture, or combined) historical design.

    If there is a design file already - skip to part 2

  2. Enter the components and factor names and ranges.

    Make sure to cover the ranges for the area of interest not just the existing data.

  3. Enter the number of rows needed to hold the existing runs.

  4. Click Next to enter the response information.

  5. Click Finish to get to the design layout spreadsheet.

  6. Enter the known compositions settings and response data if available.

    Copy and paste from a spreadsheet.

  7. Save the design!

Second part: Augment the existing data.

  1. Choose Design Tools, Augment Design, Augment from the menus and choose optimal augmentation.

  2. Click the Edit model model button to specify the model (usually quadratic).

  3. Allot 5 runs each to both lack-of-fit and replicates.

  4. Reduce the additional model points, lack-of-fit and finally replicates to meet budget requirements.

  5. Click Okay to add runs to the design.

  6. Save the design!