Optimal Tools for Formulation Development

This interactive workshop provides the essential skills you need to dive into formulation studies in just 2 half-days.
(Available as a private workshop only.)

Ingredients for Efficient Experimentation

If you do product formulation, then standard factorial designs just don't work. You need mixture designs to experiment most effectively.

During this Mixture Design short course you will:

  • Discover what defines a mixture experiment
  • Set up simplex designs
  • Select appropriate mixture models
  • Create modern graphics that visually describe the design space
  • Use optimal designs for constrained mixture variables
  • Optimize product formulas

What if I don’t know whether I need this class?
We encourage you to read our free download, "A Primer on Mixture Design: What’s In It for Formulators?". This introductory text offers formulators modern insights into experimentation on formulations. Learn how mixture designs will meet your needs and produce better results than factorial designs.

**Offered via Distance Learning (DL) **

Produce Contour Maps in Mixture Space

Stat-Ease software helps you practice designing and analyzing mixture experiments throughout the workshop. The software provides the power for the generation of optimal designs, as well as sophisticated graphical outputs such as trace plots. You will learn how these methods work and what to look for.

This course will be run as two (2) half-day Zoom sessions (9:00am - 12:30pm US Central Time).

Course contents subject to change.

Session 1 – Introduction to Mixture Designs

  • Building a simplex-lattice design
  • Analyzing a mixture design
  • Basics of numerical optimization
  • Using optimal designs for constraints

Session 2 – Handling Complex Situations

  • Using data transformations to improve predictions
  • Adding cost equations
  • Optimal designs for multi-component constraints
  • Group constraints
  • Ratio constraints
  • References and next steps

It will be assumed that all students have completed the following prerequisites. This knowledge is essential for success in the course.

Knowledge of basic statistics (mean and standard deviation), and exposure to simple comparative experiments (e.g. two-sample t-test) are recommended. To refresh these skills and review basic concepts and terminology, please take the online PreDOE course prior to the workshop. It takes 2-3 hours to complete. You can work at your own pace. Access to the PreDOE course will be provided with your registration materials.

If you do not complete the PreDOE, and are not familiar with Design-Expert software, then please download a trial of Design-Expert software (if you do not already have access to it) and work through the first tutorial: One Factor - Bowling, found in the Help system.

PDHs: 7 (equals 0.7 CEUs)

The Distance Learning version of this course will be held via Zoom Meetings. You will need to download the Zoom Cloud Meeting app prior to the first session.

Recommended Texts and Software

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