Webinars (Events)

Presented by: Shari Kraber on March 21, 2021
Category: Events

Step up your design of experiments (DOE) know-how via this essential briefing on this multifactor-testing tool. A quick demo lays out what makes statistical DOE so effective for accelerating R&D. Discover how DOE will find your vital few factors and reveal breakthrough interactions.

Presented by: Mark Anderson on May 28, 2020
Category: General DOE

By way of example, this presentation lays out a strategy for design of experiments (DOE) that provides maximum efficiency and effectiveness for development of a robust process. It provides a sure path for converging on the ‘sweet spot’—the most desirable combination of process parameters and product attributes. Whether you are new or experienced at doing DOE, this talk is for you (and your organization's bottom line!).