Webinars (Case Study)

Presented by: Mathijs Uljé on June 17, 2020
Category: Case Study

Non-ionic surfactants are an important component of industrial metalworking cleaners. For beverage can manufacturing these cleaners need to deliver good cleaning performance with low foaming properties. These attributes can be strongly influenced by different types of non-ionic surfactants. With the help of Design-Expert® software an experimental design was set up to find an optimal balance between three selected surfactants.

Presented by: Uri Zadok on June 16, 2020
Category: Case Study

Stratasys’ PolyJet technology jets a thin layer of resin materials onto the surface, which is then polymerized on the surface using UV light. The process is then repeated multiple times, each layer adding thickness to the model. The primary topic of this experiment was to add thermal stability to the support material, as the existing formulation would melt as ambient temperature increased during the printing process. Since runs are expensive, a goal is to use a minimal number of trials.

Presented by: Samd Guizani on June 15, 2020
Category: General DOE

The control of ingredients quantities in pharmaceutical formulations is critical to a drug product quality. Often, the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), and sometimes specific excipients, concentrations testing in the final product is required to release a batch. By applying DOE and Multi-Variate Data Analysis (MVDA), a UV-Vis spectroscopy chemometric model has been developed which is capable of measuring simultaneously both ingredients contents in the formulation. The test can easily be applied to finished or bulk product and the results are immediately available.