Technical Support

Having problems with software installation, activation, or program usage? Stat-Ease offers free technical support to its annual network license users and those with current Annual Support & Maintenance (AS&M) agreements. Contact us for assistance.

Business hours: 8:00-4:30 Central Time

Technical Support: Installation, activation, and software troubleshooting.

Statistical Support: Setting up and analyzing a design, general statistical questions.

Limited Support: Activation assistance and direction to relevant documentation.

Design-Expert/Stat-Ease 360 Support Schedule
Version Maintenance Updates Technical Support Ends Statistical Support Limited Support Ends
Version 22 (Current) Yes 10/31/2025 Yes (limited) 10/31/2027
Version 13 No 12/31/2024 Yes (limited) 12/31/2026
Version 12 No 07/31/2023 No 07/31/2025
Version 11 No 11/30/2021 No 11/30/2023

Versions not listed in the above table are no longer supported. Contact us to inquire about an upgrade.

Statistical Support

Before going any further please avail yourself of the educational resources laid out in one of these sites—whichever fits your situation best:

Furthermore, consider investing in DOE training provided by Stat-Ease—see what’s available here.

If you still have questions and reside outside of the USA, please click here and contact a Stat-Ease software distributor in your region of the world. Stat-Ease itself offers a limited amount of free statistical support to its network users and those with current Annual Support & Maintenance (ASM) agreements, particularly when the question relates specifically to our software, for example where to find a certain design of experiment or how to apply a distinct statistical tool. However, if you need general advice on designing your unique experiment, please get a quote for our Consulting Services—see below.

To see if your question qualifies for free support, please contact us and include your 16-digit serial number. The serial number can found under Help > About... in the software.

Consulting Services

Do you need statistical support, or have a project that requires design of experiments (DOE) but don't know where to begin? Whether you want to solve a specific quality problem, create the perfect product, improve your process, find a cheaper but equally good solution, or validate your process and procedures, Stat-Ease can help. For fast help, Stat-Ease offers email/phone and on-site consulting services. If you don't have the time or resources to learn DOE yourself, contact us for quick and cost-effective help solving your problem.

Step 1—Contact us with a summary of the problem so that we can determine whether or not DOE can help you.

Step 2—Issue a purchase order for consulting services. There are no upfront charges.

Step 3—Start the consulting process. We bill only for time used, when it is used.

Click here for more information.

DOE Resources

You will find a wealth of information in Mark Anderson's bi-monthly email newsletter, the DOE FAQ Alert. Sign up to receive the latest FAQ's, alerts to timely articles, free software updates, and interesting tidbits.

Stat-Ease offers a large collection of case studies and articles on DOE. Look for applications in your industry.

Stat-Ease provides free webinars on DOE topics. Register for upcoming webinars here. Also on that page are listings of past webinars with recordings that you can view at your leisure. Follow the Stat-Ease YouTube Channel to get complete access to all videos.

DOE Training

Stat-Ease provides workshops for beginning through advanced experimenters. For a schedule of upcoming classes and prices, click here. We offer both public and private (custom) training.

For those of you who don't have the time or money to attend a live workshop, we offer a variety of eLearning courses through the Stat-Ease Academy. Learn basic statistics and the fundamentals of DOE at your convenience. No traveling necessary! All courses are available free of charge.

For public courses, we offer multiple student, multiple class, and academic discounts. If you have questions about any of our training options, please contact our Workshops team.