Hosted Network Licenses

Technical Requirements

Please see the official Stat-Ease 360/Design-Expert documentation for technical requirements & client installation instructions. Activation instructions are further down this page.

Guide for Windows

Guide for macOS

Stat-Ease 360 and Design-Expert are not cloud-based or web-based applications. They must be installed on client computers for use.

Hosted Network License Usage

Hosted network license usage is governed by the number of floating "seats" purchased on the license, defined as concurrent users. For each seat on a license, up to 8 software users may be registered.

Example: Mark, Shari, Joe, and Rachel all use a 1-seat hosted network license. If Shari is using the software, none of the other three will be able to open it because the software only has 1 seat: one permitted concurrent user. However, all four may be registered as software users, because the license may have up to 8 different people who can use it - just not at the same time.

User Management

You can view the license information and access the user management interface through your account on the Stat-Ease website.

By default, only the License Owner will have access to the user management interface for a license when a new license is purchased. The License Owner will either need to add other users to the license, or a list of users can be sent to Stat-Ease for registration.

All users of a hosted network license must have an account on the Stat-Ease website. This should be tied to the user's organizational email address, rather than using public email domains such as Gmail, Yahoo!, QQ, etc. If a user does not have an organizational email address, please contact Stat-Ease staff for assistance.

Adding a User

License Owners and License Admins may add users to a license.

To add a user to a license, use the blue [+ Add User] button in the license management interface. Enter the email address of the desired user and click "Add User" to register them to the license.

If the user already has a Stat-Ease account, their name and email address will appear as a registered user, with a gear icon on the right for options.

Otherwise, an email will be sent to that email address with an invitation to create an account, and the name "Invited User" will show instead. The gear will be replaced by an envelope icon. The envelope icon may be used to resend the invitation email once per 24 hours.

Important note: users' email address must be added in all lowercase letters. Otherwise, users may encounter issues when trying to access the license after creating their account.

—Please remove & re-add any users with capital letters in their email address to fix access issues.

Once a user has an account on the Stat-Ease website, the gear icon on the right may be used to toggle permissions.

Each of the below roles may be toggled on or off for any user registered to a network license. Toggles do not appear for anyone without Admin or Owner permissions.

Software User: may check out a seat of the license. Toggle this off for system administrators who do not need to actually use the software.

License Admin: may add and remove registered users on the license. Toggle this on for team leaders, sysadmins, and others who may need to give people access to the license. Toggle is only visible to Owners.

License Owner: may add and remove License Admins & registered users on the license. Toggle this on for the main person responsible for management of the license. Toggle is only visible to Owners.

Main Contact: will receive communication from Stat-Ease regarding renewals, updates, and upgrades. Only one Main Contact may be specified.

Removing a User

To remove a user from the license, either because they no longer need access or have left the company, use the gear icon and click Delete User.

Users must be registered to the license (with "software user" permissions toggled on) in order to open and activate the software.

Initial Activation Instructions

Upon opening the software for the first time, users will be asked how they wish to activate.

  1. Select "View available Licenses (requires a account)."
  2. Follow the prompts to log in using your Stat-Ease credentials (email and password).
  3. Select the option "Design-Expert/Stat-Ease 360 Hosted License" and click on the "Next" button.

The activation wizard will confirm that you wish to activate using your organization's hosted network license. Click "Finish" to activate the software. If you do not see the hosted license option in the list, ensure that the user has created a Stat-Ease account and has been registered to the license (see Adding a User above).

Subsequently, opening the software will not require a login: the software will remember the login information and check for a seat immediately when opened. The user must be connected to the internet in order to check for a seat.

Data Security Details
This section is intended for IT and cybersecurity use. If you are evaluating a hosted network license for cybersecurity and have further questions, please contact us.

The communications protocol for the software to communicate with our cloud license server is HTTPS, and port 443 outbound must be open on the user's computer. If a user is not connected to the internet, the software will not open.

Logging into a Stat-Ease account and authorizing use of your company's license on a given computer creates a token "StatEase/OAuthRefreshToken" in the Credential Manager (Windows) or keychain (macOS). This token is used to communicate with Stat-Ease's server to check for available seats on your company's license. Whenever a user begins or ends a session, standard activation information is sent to Stat-Ease (computer's unique ID, serial number, license type, expiration date), to check if there is an available seat and return the seat after use.

Your company's DOE data is never shared with Stat-Ease at all.  At times our technical support team may request some specific information to assist with software activation, or if statistical advice is solicited from Stat-Ease. However, at no time does the software automatically obtain or transmit any of your company’s private data about your products or R&D processes.