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What are the benefits of design of experiments (DOE)?

How do I get started with Design-Expert® software?

What is DOE?

Stat-Ease offers a wealth of education on DOE.


eLearning: Stat-Ease Academy – FREE eLearning courses available on-demand. Learn basic DOE concepts and jump into factorial DOE.

YouTube Video: DOE Crash Course for Experimenters – 1 hour recorded webinar answers the question “What is DOE?”

Book: DOE Simplified: Practical Tools for Effective Experimentation, 3rd Edition, by Anderson & Whitcomb—This updated introductory text covers the basic essentials about factorial DOE and is filled with interesting anecdotes and sidebars that make it fun to read.

eLearning add-on: Bring the DOE Simplified, 3rd Edition book to life with a free companion eLearning experience, the DOE Simplified Launchpad. This completely narrated presentation of the first three chapters of the book includes hands-on exercises and is designed to bring you up to speed on the basics of the two-level factorial design.


  1. Trimming the FAT out of Experimental Methods— a primer on DOE versus the traditional OFAT method of experimentation.
  2. Magic of Multifactor Testing Revealed by Fun Physics Experiment—a fun intro to design of experiments with a bouncy ball experiment..
  3. Eight Keys to Successful DOE—Using DOE successfully depends on understanding eight fundamental concepts which are explained in this article.

How do I get started with Design-Expert software?

YouTube Video: Recorded webinar: New User Intro to Design-Expert Software. Our DOE expert introduces the three types of DOE’s – factorial, response surface and mixture designs.

Design-Expert Tutorials: the software is loaded with Tutorials that walk you through the basic design and analysis steps for each DOE type.

eLearning: Stat-Ease Academy – FREE eLearning courses available on-demand. Use Design-Expert software while learning basic DOE concepts and factorial design.

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