A great big 'Thank You' to the presenters and attendees of the 2020 Online DOE Summit. You all made lemonade from the lemons (COVID-19) that canceled our live event.

Click the talk title below for slides and video of the presentation.



Know the SCOR for Multifactor Strategy of Experimentation

Mark Anderson: Principal of Stat-Ease, Inc.
Talk Topic: Laying out a strategy for multifactor design of experiments
Thursday May 28, 2020



My Lifelong Journey with DOE

Pat Whitcomb: Founding Principal of Stat-Ease, Inc.
Talk topic: Pat explores his lifetime of design of experiments with a view to the future
Monday June 8, 2020


Some Experiences in Modern Experimental Design

Marcus Perry: Editor in Chief, Quality Engineering; Professor of Statistics, The University of Alabama
Talk topic: Handling non-standard situations in today’s DOE environment
Tuesday June 9, 2020


Innovative Mixture-Process Models

Geoff Vining: Professor of Statistics, Virginia Tech
Talk Topic: An overview of KCV designs that limit runs in experiments involving both mixture components and process variables
Wednesday June 10, 2020



Strategies for Sequential Experimentation

Martin Bezener: Director of Research & Development, Stat-Ease, Inc.
Talk Topic: This presentation explores how it may be more efficient to divide an experiment into smaller pieces. Learn how to use resources in a smarter, more adaptive manner.
Thursday June 11, 2020



Simultaneous and Quick Determination of Two Ingredients Concentrations in a Solution Using a UV-Vis Spectroscopy Chemometric Model

Samd Guizani: Process Scientist, Ferring International Center
Monday June 15, 2020


Use of DOE for 3D Printer Ink Formulation Development

Uri Zadok: Senior Research Chemist, Stratasys
Tuesday June 16, 2020


Using Experimental Design to Optimize the Surfactant Package Properties of a Metalworking Cleaner

Mathijs Uljé: Development Chemist, Quaker Houghton
Wednesday June 17, 2020


Optimizing Multi-Step Processes with DoE – A Cryopreservation Protocol for Plant Cells as a Case

Johannes Buyel: Head of Department of Bioprocess Engineering, Aachen University
Thursday June 18, 2020