Make the most from every experiment!

The European DOE Meeting is the foremost meeting for learning how design of experiments (DOE) and Design-Expert® software can help you ‘make the most of every experiment’! Find out how it is used every day to improve products and processes. Primarily driven by case study presentations by users, you will discover how people around the world use DOE in modern industry.

This meeting will give you the opportunity to:

  • Learn how organizations are solving problems with DOE
  • Hear about new developments in the field and with Design-Expert® software
  • See real life examples and case studies
  • Consult with experts about your applications and experiments using DOE
  • Network with others, share knowledge and ideas, make new contacts
  • Enjoy some time in Groningen, NL!

This meeting is sponsored by Stat-Ease, the publishers of the powerful DOE software, Design-Expert® and hosted by Science Plus Group, providers of software for science.