The pre-experiment tools are used after a design is built. This applies both before and after response data is added to the design layout.

A common use before there is data is to check to make sure the design will provide precise enough estimates for the model predictions. The tool for this is the Evaluation - Graphs which by default is the Fraction of Design Space graph.

After there is data, use the evaluation to see what changes have occurred due to missing data or factor settings that needed to be changed during the experiment.

Notes is where information is stored that the experimenter wants include for future viewers of the file. Use the notes to communicate what and why decisions were made during the build, experiment (data gathering), and analysis.

Summary is used to tell future viewers how the design was originally built and provide some descriptive statistics of the current data set.

Graph Columns produces a scatter plot of any two columns on the design layout. This information can be used to make general observations about the structure of the design.

Evaluation is used to reveal more details than Graph Columns about the structure of the design and its capabilities to produce a useful model from the analysis.