Welcome to Stat-Ease® software!

The Design Wizard will ask a series of questions to quickly provide a design to accomplish the goal of the experiment, while staying within budget limits. It is intended to insulate experimenters that are new to Stat-Ease from the myriad of design choices, and act as an informative guide. This feature can also benefit the experienced DOE practitioner.

Experienced users of the software can start by building a New Design or loading an existing design with the Open Design button.


Searchable, context-sensitive help can be called by clicking the question mark icon or F1 on the keyboard. It provides assistance on what to do next.

It is also connected to specific cells on reports such as the Evaluation and ANOVA. Click on a number in a cell of the report and right-click in the cell to request help to learn more about its contents.


Screen tips provide instructions for what to do or what to look for on the current screen. Screen tips can be called either by pressing the light bulb icon or through the keyboard via shift+F1.

Stat-Ease Tutorials are available online and included in the installer. Use the tutorials to get more familiar with design of experiments (DOE). This includes building, analyzing, and interpreting the results of a designed experiment.

Stat-Ease Academy offers a dynamic selection of on-demand, online training. All content is free to access. Check back regularly as our offerings may change.

Stat-Ease Training provides comprehensive instructor-led workshops.