Historical Data

Any set of numeric or categoric data can be imported and analyzed via the Historical Data design interface on the Response Surface tab.

Here are the basic instructions:

  1. Specify the number of numeric and categoric factors.

  2. Enter the minimum and maximum values for each numeric factor.

  3. Set the number of experiments to equal the number of observations in your data file.

  4. Specify the levels for any categoric factors – these levels must match the imported data EXACTLY – it is case sensitive.

  5. Enter the response names.

  6. Once you have the blank design layout, you can Copy the data from your file and Paste it into the design layout screen. Remember that the number of columns and rows must be the same. You can adjust the number of rows by right-clicking on a gray square to the left of any row and adding or deleting rows as needed.

  7. Continue with analysis – we recommend checking Design Evaluation to determine if there is any aliasing and how much correlation there is between factors.