Stat-Ease 360 Software

SE360 augments Design-Expert software with integration with Python scripting for data analysis, new Custom Graphs, and an Excel Import/Export feature. 2022 Release Now Available!

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Hosted Network Licensing Available

Our Hosted Network License allows you to run the software on multiple devices without requiring an on-premises license server. New with our November 2022 release along with other great features!

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Design-Expert Software

Best in class design of experiments software makes R&D easy with an intuitive interface and amazing graphics. Whether you are new to DOE or a seasoned pro, you'll make breakthrough improvements with Design‑Expert software. 2022 Release Now Available!

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New-User Intro to Stat-Ease® 360 Software

A complete introduction to Stat-Ease DOE software, this free webinar provides new users with the tools needed to start planning your DOE.

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Design of Experiments Training

Discover how to make the most of your experiments with top-notch webinars, eLearning and live workshops.

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A better product. An improved process. Stat-Ease, armed with an expertise in design of experiments, has been helping people make breakthroughs since 1985. Find out how our industry-leading software and multi-modal training can help you improve your bottom line.

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Stat-Ease Software

New Features & Licensing Options

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Make breakthrough improvements with Stat-Ease 360 or Design-Expert® software. Our software makes it incredibly simple to apply powerful multifactor testing tools. Stat-Ease 360 has expanded capabilities for data analysts.

Whether you are new to design of experiments or a pro, our straightforward, easy-to-use interface sits on top of a powerful statistical engine. You will not only screen for vital factors, but also locate ideal process settings for top performance & discover optimal product formulations.

The 2022 release provides new Custom Graphs, a multi-response Analysis Summary view, and the ability to Import/Export data to Excel (SE360 exclusive). View the software brochure here.

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Hands-on DOE Training

Learning at Your Convenience


Learn design of experiments (DOE) your way! Stat-Ease offers premium training options for Design-Expert and Stat-Ease 360 alongside general DOE education.

Take advantage of our online eLearning modules designed for self-directed DOE learning, then work through our step-by-step software tutorials.

Learn more by registering for a free one-hour webinar. For comprehensive DOE education, enroll in our highly interactive instructor-led workshops for either process DOE or mixture formulations. Experienced experts lead our hands-on, case-study based courses. Whatever your educational style, we offer training that meets your needs.

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What's New

Version Release new

New Version for November 2022!

By Stat-Ease Team on Nov. 30, 2022

It's here - the latest releases of Stat-Ease 360 and Design-Expert software are live! This new version enhances user capabilities by providing the ability to create customized graphs (add statistical analysis data), simultaneously view an analysis summary of multiple responses, and easily import or export designs to Excel. See the infographic here to learn more! If you're ready to upgrade from an older version of Design-Expert, or if you're interested in trading up to Stat-Ease 360, send us a note!


Augmenting One-Factor-at-a-Time Data to Build a DOE

By Shari Kraber on Dec. 9, 2022

Don't throw out that data! Your old, one-factor-at-a-time (OFAT) experiments can be augmented to take advantage of the powerful insights on interactions that design of experiments (DOE) provides. Read Shari's newest blog to see how to best improve old experiments to save time and money moving forward with DOE.


Hosted Network Licensing Available

By Stat-Ease Team on Dec. 2, 2022

Has your team wanted to take advantage of our floating license options, but you weren't sure about getting a license server? We now have an option for experimenters to use a floating license that's hosted on a Stat-Ease server in the cloud! Your team can use the same license globally, without the hassle of your IT group needing to manage it themselves. With the license being the only thing in the cloud, there are no data security issues to consider, either. Contact us today for pricing and with your questions!