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Are you in the pharmaceutical industry and looking to learn about design of experiments (DOE)?

Design of experiments can help you reduce the time needed to develop a new product or optimize a process. Stat-Ease software has helped hundreds of experimenters at pharmaceutical companies.

Stat-Ease offers training, articles, books, software, online tutorials, newsletters, FAQs and DOE Resources, consulting services, and technical support to get you started. Whether you want to solve a specific quality problem, create the perfect product, improve your process, find a cheaper but equally good solution, or validate your process and procedures, Stat-Ease can help.

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DOE Training for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Research Team

The best way to learn design of experiments is to host a private, customized workshop. Pharma companies use DOE for screening, characterization and optimization of products, formulations and processes. Our unique pharma DOE workshop provides new insights by using pharma case studies to illustrate every experimental concept.

During the pharma DOE workshop, you will discover how to effectively:

  • Understand the motivation for factorial designs
  • Implement the DOE planning process
  • Interpret analysis of variance (ANOVA)
  • Discover hidden interactions
  • Capitalize on efficient fractional designs for screening or characterization
  • Use power and precision to properly size designs
  • Follow the strategy of experimentation from screening to response surface methods
  • Set up central composite (CCD) and optimal designs
  • Use mixture and combined designs to develop optimal formulations
  • Select appropriate regression models
  • Optimize multiple responses


Visit the Stat-Ease bookstore for recommended books on DOE. To get you off to a good start we suggest:


Formulation Simplified: Finding the Sweet Spot through Design and Analysis of Experiments with Mixtures, by Anderson, Whitcomb, & Bezener—Formulation Simplified deviates significantly from all other statistical texts on design of experiments (DOE) for mixtures by making these powerful methods easy to study and fun to read. The authors provide a rich array of insightful case studies that illustrate the essentials of mixture DOE. Real-world examples are offered as problems at the end of many chapters for those who are serious about trying these new tools on their own.


Stat-Ease offers free webinars on a variety of subjects several times during the year. Also on that page are listings of past webinars with recordings that you can view at your leisure.

Newsletters, FAQs and DOE Resources

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Stat-Ease offers a large collection of case studies and articles on DOE. You can view only the pharmaceutical related articles by filtering on pharma in the industry filter.

Another article of particular interest will be A Primer on Mixture Design: What’s In It for Formulators?. Take a look!