2019 Analytics Solutions Conference

Discover how data-driven tools can transform your business from R&D to production

Short Courses

On June 18th we will be offering two different Short Courses as a precursor to the Analytics Solutions Conference. Each course will be all day, running from 9am to 5pm. Sorry, you can only register for one. Sign up is available on the Registration page.


Short Course 1: Practical DOE — ‘Tricks of the Trade’

In this dynamic short-course, Stat-Ease consultants Pat Whitcomb and Martin Bezener reveal tricks of their trade, made possible via Design-Expert® software, that make the most from statistical design and analysis of experiments. Come and learn many secrets for design of experiment (DOE) success, such as:

  • How to build irregularly-shaped DOE spaces that cover your region of interest
  • Using logistic regression to get the most from binomial data such as a pass/fail response
  • Clever tweaks to numerical optimization
  • Cool tools for augmenting a completed experiment to capture a peak beyond its reach
  • Other valuable tips and tricks as time allows and interest expressed

Don’t miss this chance to sharpen up your DOE skills!

Short Course 2: Realizing Industry 4.0 through Industrial Analytics

Industrial Analytics is a main component within Industry 4.0 as well as other industrial improvement and change programs. Across industries one of the main challenges in the manufacturing processes is to monitor and control variation. Successful variation control ensures predictable production and accompanying business benefits.

The Industrial Analytics toolbox includes Design of Experiments, Statistical Process Control, and multivariate methods, among others, and the choice of method depends of course on the type of data available and the purpose of the analytics.

Identifying and choosing the appropriate Industrial Analytics approach is the first challenge but to actually benefit from the solution it must be implemented in the production environment. The complete solution requires relevant data sources and connection to these, real time handling and use of data to provide timely and relevant statistics, and integration with production control systems.

In this course the process from data collection, to data analysis and finally implementation of the solution in the production environment will be discussed. Best practices and pointers for different types of challenges will be provided. All solutions and examples presented utilize Camo’s Industrial Analytics platform.