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Publications available from Stat-Ease, Inc.

DOE Simplified, Practical Tools for Effective Experimentation, 3rd Edition: An introductory text which explains design of experiments (DOE) in a light and humorous manner.

RSM Simplified, Optimizing Processes Using Response Surface Methods for Design of Experiments, 2nd Edition: RSM Simplified completely demystifies response surface methods (RSM)—a practical tool for design of experiments. Anyone with minimum technical training can understand and appreciate this book.

A Primer on Mixture Design: What’s In It for Formulators?: This mixture design primer will encourage formulators to work through the more intense aspects of mixture design, response modeling, statistical analysis, and numerical optimization. Feel free to download it to learn more about this powerful tool in the DOE kit.

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 This newsletter contains all the latest news from Stat-Ease and features DOE articles such as Mark's Experiment and Shari's Challenge. Interested individuals living outside of North America should sign up for the DOE FAQ Alert to receive e-mail notification each time a new issue of the Stat-Teaser is available for download. 

DOE FAQ Alert: This fun, bi-monthly e-mail newsletter features frequently asked questions (FAQs) about DOE, plus alerts to timely information and free software updates.

Case Studies and Articles: Stat-Ease offers a treasure trove of articles on DOE, and case studies detailing its use in numerous applications.

Webinars: Download copies of past webinar presentations and see what is coming up next.

The Stats Made Easy Blog: Read Mark Anderson's interesting commentary on life, statistics, and anything that catches his fancy.