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  1. Hypersonic Laminar-Turbulent Transition Experiment Design: From wind tunnel model definition to MDOE Approach

    January 2010

    Design of Experiments was used to study the laminar-turbulence transition phenomenon in a Hypersonic regime on a 3-deg half-angle sphere-cone model.

    Authors: Marino, A. et. al.
    Publication: SixSigmaIn
  2. Streamwise Porosity Distribution Optimization for Minimizing Wall Interference in a Transonic Wind Tunnel

    January 2009

    Modern Design of Experiments (MDOE) was used to reduce wall interference on wind tunnel measurements, increasing the quality of both the raw data and corrected coefficients.

    Authors: Owen, U. N.
    Publication: Conference
  3. Design of Experiments Helps Reduce Time to Remove Aerospace Coatings (See page 21)

    September 2008

    Aerochem Inc. used DOE to develop a chemical paint remover that would remove the coating in less than 2 hours.

    Authors: Aerochem
    Publication: Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing
  4. Space Shuttle Debris Impact Tool Assessment Using the Modern Design of Experiments

    January 2007

    This article describes a methodological study focused on evaluating the application of MDOE to future operational codes in a rapid and low-cost way to assess the effects of cavity geometry uncertainty.

    Authors: DeLoach, Richard
    Publication: Rubber and Plastics News

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