Case Studies

  1. Tabletop Hockey Meets Goals for Teaching Experimental Design

    April 2008

    In this mini-paper, Mark Anderson details an in-class experiment illustrating the power of two-level factorial design. Also learn how to shoot a wicked slap shot!"

    Authors: Anderson, Mark
    Publication: Statistics Division Newsletter
  2. Combining Computer-Aided Statistical Design of Experiments with Traditional Design of Experiments to Meet EC2000 Criteria

    January 2004

    New ABET criteria require that chemical engineering students be able to モdesign and conduct experiments. Experimental design may be interpreted as either developing methods and procedures to achieve experimental goals, or as statistical Design of Experiments (DOE). Auburn University's Dept. of Chemical Engineering incorporates both approaches in their unit operations lab course to satisfy EC2000 criteria and achieve beneficial learning outcomes.

    Authors: Auburn
    Publication: Conference
  3. Using Simulation Software for Design of Experiment Training

    January 2000

    Article originally in Quality magazine. A slightly different version appears here.

    Authors: Rusco, Mark S.