Case Studies

  1. Optimal Blending of Rayon Fibers via Statistical Design of Experiments (DOE) Tailored for Formulation

    January 2009

    A statistically based design of experiments (DOE) approach developed specifically for mixtures was used to formulate a blend of rayon fibers that produced maximal tampon absorbency.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark J.; Lazic, Zivorad R.
  2. Optimizing Formulas by Experimental Design

    March 2004

    Changing and then re-testing just one parameter at a time still seems to be the norm for the formulation chemist, but it is not the most productive approach. In fact, this shotgun approach increases the probability of missing the best possible finished product. A more reliable and expedient method of optimizing a formulation is by design of experiments (DOE).

    Authors: Albanese, Joseph
    Publication: Cosmetiscope