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  1. Mixture Design of Experiments (DOE) for Optimal Plasma Etch

    August 2008

    This article demonstrates how to uncover "sweet spots" where multiple fab-process specifications can be met in a most desirable way.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark
    Publication: Fab Engineering & Operations
  2. Response Surface Methods (RSM) for Peak Process Performance at the Most Robust Operating Conditions

    October 2007

    This article starts with the basics on RSM before introducing two enhancements that focus on robust operating conditions: Modeling the process variance as a function of the input factors and Propagation of error(POE) transmitted from input factor variation. It discusses how to find the find the flats high plateaus for maximum yield and broad valleys that minimize defects. Proceeding from International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative (ISMI) Symposium on Manufacturing Effectiveness.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark & Whitcomb, Pat
    Publication: Conference
  3. Reducing 300mm Wafer Coating Defects without Compromising Uniformity

    May 2005

    Recently, using DOE techniques, applications engineers in Rolla, Missouri were able to reduce bottom anti-reflective coating (BARC) defects on 300mm wafers and implement a new process. An edited version of this article was run in Semiconductor Manufacturing Magazine.

    Authors: Brewer Science
    Publication: Semiconductor Manufacturing Magazine (defunct)
  4. Improving Solder-Paste Processes Through Experimentation

    December 2004

    Proper application of solder paste onto a PCb is essential in surface mount assemblies. In this case study DOE was used to understand this process, and ultimately to improve electrical yields.

    Authors: ON Semiconductor
    Publication: Surface Mount Technology
  5. Solving Process Issues at an ASIC Fab using Design of Experiments

    July 2004

    Engineers solved two perplexing wafer production mysteries using design of experiments (DOE), saving the company $180,000 a year.

    Authors: AMI
    Publication: MICRO Magazine (Discontinued)
  6. Design of Experiments Software Helps Clear Transport Traffic Jams

    July 2000

    Article in Micro magazine.

    Authors: PRI automation
    Publication: Micro Mag.
  7. Improve PCB Gold-Plating Yields Using DOE

    November 1998

    A case study showing how DOE got applied to electrolytic gold plating during printed circuit board manufacture. Available as a reprint.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark J.
    Publication: Asian Sources Electronics Engineer

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