Case Studies

  1. Fed-Batch Cell Culture Process Optimization

    March 2012

    Researchers aiming to upgrade a fed-batch process observed that basal and feed media have interrelated impacts on process outcomes (a pairing effect). They did a DOE enabled by Design-Expert software for fed-batch cell culture process optimization.

    Authors: Jiang, Droms, Geng, Casnocha,
    Publication: BioProcess International
  2. Widespread suppression of huntingtin with convection-enhanced delivery of siRNA

    January 2012

    This article explores a therapeutic strategy for treating Huntington's disease.

    Authors: Stiles, Zhang, Ge, Nelson, Grondin, Ai, Hardy, Nelson, Guzaev, Butt, Charisse, Kosovrasti, Tchangov, Meys, Maier, Nechev, Manoharan, Kaemmerer, Gwost, Stewart, Gash, Sah
    Publication: Pharma Qbd