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  1. Development of a Rubber-Based Product Using a Mixture Experiment: A Challenging Case Study

    August 2013

    Experimental design, modeling, and data analysis methods for mixture experiments provide for efficiently determining the component proportions that will yield a product with desired properties. This article presents a case study of the work performed to develop a new rubber formulation for an o-ring (a circular gasket) with requirements specified on 10 product properties. Progress in Rubber, Plastics and Recycling Technology, Vol. 29, No. 3, 2013

    Note: If interested, you may contact one of the authors, Greg Piepel, Ph.D., for a copy of the paper.

    Authors: Kaya, Yahya; Piepel, Greg F.; and Caniyilmaz, Erdal
    Publication: Progress in Rubber, Plastics and Recycling Technology
  2. Design of Experiments Reduces Rubber Scrap by 90%

    September 2008

    A custom rubber molder used DOE to uncover a combination of material selection and manufacturing protocol that created unacceptable results. Armed with this process knowledge, they achieved a breakthrough quality improvements.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark J.
    Publication: Rubber & Plastics News
  3. Response Surface Methods for Peak Process Performance

    August 2007

    This is the third article of a series on design of experiments (DOE). The first publication provided tools for process breakthroughs via two-level factorial designs. The second article illustrated how to re-formulate rubbers or plastics using powerful statistical methods for mixture design and analysis. The author now brings the focus back to process improvement and shows how to hit the sweet spot of high yield at lowest possible cost.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark J.; Whitcomb, Patrick J.
  4. Mixture DOE Uncovers Formulations Quicker

    October 2002

    This article offers a simple case study that illustrates how to put rubber or plastics formulations to the test by using powerful statistical methods for mixture design and analysis.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark; Whitcomb, Pat
    Publication: Rubber & Plastics News
  5. Make Breakthrough Improvements with Design of Experiments

    June 1997

    A somewhat different version of this article appeared in Rubber & Plastics News. This article has been slightly modified to make it more current.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark & Whitcomb, Pat
    Publication: Rubber & Plastics News
  6. Experiments Uncover Source of Valve Failures

    June 1988

    Fluoroware Ind. manufactures plastic trays, tubing, fittings, pipes, and valves that are used by semiconductor companies to contain, protect, and transport wafers, magnetic disks, and fluids. In addition to being very pure to avoid contaminating the sensitive materials that they carry, these products are often required to withstand harsh chemicals and high temperatures during the course of normal usage.

    Avaialble upon request—reprint #42 (LDB-913)

    Authors: Fluoroware
    Publication: Quality

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