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  1. Two-step optimization for product design takes manufacturing variability into account

    July 2011

    The TRW team used a combination of DOE (response surface methodology RSM) and Monte Carlo analysis to optimize a braking system where one of the objectives was to quickly generate pressure when demanded by the vehicle stability control system.

    Authors: TRW
    Publication: Digital Engineering
  2. Design of Experiments Reduces Time to Market

    June 2010

    The Dresser Waukesha development team adopted the design of experiments (DOE) approach to increase the accuracy of performance estimates and reduce the number of required tests.

    Authors: Dresser Waukesha
    Publication: Power
  3. DOE Eliminates Defects

    August 2008

    A major Tier 1 automotive supplier wanted to improve the already high level of quality in their manufacturing process welding nuts to a metal seat frame. They contacted Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and requested a design of experiments (DOE) study to determine root causes of torque failures and areas of improvement.

    Authors: MTSU/Johnson Controls
    Publication: Quality Magazine
  4. Optimisation of EDM Fast Hole Drilling through an Evaluation of Electrode Geometry

    September 2006

    In the application of EDM fast hole drilling, response surface design was used to optimize both drilling and electrode wear.

    Authors: Leao, Fabio; Pashby, Ian; Whitcomb, Patrick J.; Cuttell, Martyn; Lord, Peter
  5. University & Industry Collaboration to Solve Welding Quality Problem Using Design of Experiments (DOE)

    January 2006

    A local automotive seat supplier experienced a major quality problem in the fabrication of the metal seat frame used for the front bucket seats of automobiles. DOE was used to help solve the quality problem.

    Authors: Gore, David W. & Langston, Donald R.
    Publication: Conference

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