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  1. Sensory and Chemical Characteristics of Worts Fermented by Leuconostoc citreum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Consumer Acceptability with Added Flavorings

    November 2011

    This study was conducted to examine the chemical and sensory characteristics of fermented worts and consumer acceptability according to added flavorings.

    Authors: Shin, Delgerzaya, Lim, Park, Kim
    Publication: Food Science & Biotechnology
  2. Optimization of a Research Diet for the Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, using Mixture Model Methodologyï¾ Abstract

    January 2010

    Two five-week growth trials were conducted using mixture methodology to optimize a reference diet for Pacific white shrimp using krill meal, menhaden fishmeal, squid meal, and soy protein isolate (SPI).

    Authors: Forster, Ian P. et. al.
    Publication: Aquaculture
  3. DOE for Process Cheese

    June 2009

    Using design of experiments, Land O'Lakes researchers set out to improve a new deli process cheese formulation, without impacting its other attributes.

    Authors: Land O'Lakes
    Publication: Food Product Design
  4. A Formula for Flavor

    June 2009

    Rich Products used DOE to develop an all-natural bread dough that would met the same quality and taste standards as their popular conventional bread doughs.

    Authors: Rich Products
    Publication: Food Quality magazine
  5. Augmented Ruggedness Testing to Prevent Failures

    May 2003

    Failures in the processing and use of products can often be prevented by applying a form of DOE called ruggedness testing. Check out this article to see how it's done for machine-made bread.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark
    Publication: Quality Progress
  6. Knead for Speed

    February 2002

    Case study from Today's Chemist at Work magazine.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark
    Publication: Today's Chemist at Work
  7. Screening Ingredients Most Efficiently with Two-Level Design of Experiments (DOE)

    February 2002

    A DOE on machine-made bread shows how clever application of statistical methods quickly screens alternative ingredients to see which, if any, impair the desired reaction.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark
  8. Mixing it up with Computer-Aided Design

    November 1997

    See how statistical tools for mixture design helped a kitchen chemist reformulate pound cake to hit the sweet spot of household tasters. A somewhat different version of this article appeared in Today's Chemist at Work.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark & Whitcomb, Pat
    Publication: Today's Chemist at Work
  9. Applying DOE to Microwave Popcorn

    July 1993

    Process Industries (PI) Quality.

    Authors: Anderson, Mark J. & Anderson, Hank P.
    Publication: Process Industries Quality

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