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  1. Widespread suppression of huntingtin with convection-enhanced delivery of siRNA

    January 2012

    This article explores a therapeutic strategy for treating Huntington's disease.

    Authors: Stiles, Zhang, Ge, Nelson, Grondin, Ai, Hardy, Nelson, Guzaev, Butt, Charisse, Kosovrasti, Tchangov, Meys, Maier, Nechev, Manoharan, Kaemmerer, Gwost, Stewart, Gash, Sah
    Publication: Pharma Qbd
  2. Sensory and Chemical Characteristics of Worts Fermented by Leuconostoc citreum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Consumer Acceptability with Added Flavorings

    November 2011

    This study was conducted to examine the chemical and sensory characteristics of fermented worts and consumer acceptability according to added flavorings.

    Authors: Shin, Delgerzaya, Lim, Park, Kim
    Publication: Food Science & Biotechnology
  3. Optimization of a Research Diet for the Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei, using Mixture Model Methodologyï¾ Abstract

    January 2010

    Two five-week growth trials were conducted using mixture methodology to optimize a reference diet for Pacific white shrimp using krill meal, menhaden fishmeal, squid meal, and soy protein isolate (SPI).

    Authors: Forster, Ian P. et. al.
    Publication: Aquaculture
  4. Hypersonic Laminar-Turbulent Transition Experiment Design: From wind tunnel model definition to MDOE Approach

    January 2010

    Design of Experiments was used to study the laminar-turbulence transition phenomenon in a Hypersonic regime on a 3-deg half-angle sphere-cone model.

    Authors: Marino, A. et. al.
    Publication: SixSigmaIn
  5. The Application of Statistical Design of Experiments for Mathematical Modeling of a Bacterial Cell Culture Process

    September 2009

    DOE was used to determine the statistically significant factors affecting the growth of an E. coli cell line in shaker flasks.

    Authors: Elhanafi, Drissand and Carey, Jim
    Publication: NCSU Bioprocessing and Process Development Symposium
  6. Streamwise Porosity Distribution Optimization for Minimizing Wall Interference in a Transonic Wind Tunnel

    January 2009

    Modern Design of Experiments (MDOE) was used to reduce wall interference on wind tunnel measurements, increasing the quality of both the raw data and corrected coefficients.

    Authors: Owen, U. N.
    Publication: Conference
  7. Designed Experiment Optimizes Method for Removing Endocrine Disrupters

    March 2008

    Researchers successfully used DOE to evaluate potential methods for removing three common endocrine disrupters.

    Authors: Peter Jones
    Publication: Environmental Science & Engineering
  8. Automated Enzyme Assay Design and Optimization

    September 2006

    This poster presents the use of design of experiments (DOE) and Design-Expert software to optimize enzymatic assays. Presented at the SBS Conference.

    Authors: Caliper Life Sciences
  9. University & Industry Collaboration to Solve Welding Quality Problem Using Design of Experiments (DOE)

    January 2006

    A local automotive seat supplier experienced a major quality problem in the fabrication of the metal seat frame used for the front bucket seats of automobiles. DOE was used to help solve the quality problem.

    Authors: Gore, David W. & Langston, Donald R.
    Publication: Conference
  10. An Efficient Approach to Cell Culture Medium Optimization - A Statistical Method to Medium Mixing

    January 2004

    Sigma-Aldrich Biotechnology used DOE to increase cell growth and productivity for a particular recombinant CHO clone.

    Authors: Sigma-Aldrich
    Publication: The NY Chapter Society of Cosmetic Chemists' newsletter
  11. The Influence of Physico-Chemical and Process Conditions on the Physical Stability of Plasmid DNA Complexes using Response Surface Methodology

    April 2003

    This paper introduces a new method of assessing the engineering effects of process and material factors on the colloidal properties of plasmid-DNA delivery systems based on response surface methodology (RSM) and experimental techniques. (This link requires a subscription or payment to view)

    Authors: Mount, CN
    Publication: Biotechnol. Appl. Biochem.

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