John Guerin

John Guerin, PhD

John has been in the chemical industry for more than 23 years. The first 8 years of his career were spent in senior scientist and research supervisor roles at Rohm & Haas, Betz Laboratories and ARCO Chemical Company. He used statistical experimental design techniques to develop products in adhesives, cosmetic chemicals, dispersants, drilling and mining chemicals, and printing ink raw materials.

He successfully made the transition to business management, eventually becoming president of an Atlantic Richfield subsidiary, ARCOGraph, Inc. This company became the quality leader in acrylic pigment chip in less than a year, while its profitability dramatically increased in the same period.

Since the sale of ARCOGraph in 1988, he has owned a consulting practice, Turning Points Management Consulting, Inc. that specializes in quantitative business and research management techniques. Its main focus is on time series business forecasting and on optimizing R/D productivity with statistical experimental design methods.


  • BS in chemistry from St. Joseph's University
  • Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania