What’s New

Version 13 of Design-Expert® contains a slew of new features. Poisson regression is a new addition to our analysis techniques that allows for a more accurate analysis of count data. In addition, we have added new general plotting tools, data import features, and more.

Poisson Regression

  • Responses with count data (e.g. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, …) will have a Poisson Regression option on the Configure tab. This provides a more accurate fit and a straightforward interpretation of model coefficients, as opposed to using a square root transformation.

Multiple Analyses

  • You can now create multiple analyses for a single response. Try out different models or different transformations without having to overwrite other analyses or duplicate response columns.

Modify Design Space Wizard

  • The Modify Design Space wizard provides step by step instructions to move, grow, or shrink your existing design space. Then runs will be added to provide an optimal analysis of the new or modified space.

Design Enhancements

  • The Constraints node now allows you to modify existing constraints after the design is built. Previously the design would need to be rebuilt to modify these constraints.

  • Importing data is much easier using the Import Data Set option. You just have to paste in your data and denote each column’s properties. Factor coding is imputed from the data.

  • You can now round factor values by right-clicking the column header. For non-mixture factors you can round by either decimal or significant digits. Due to the equality constraint, mixture components can only be rounded to a number of significant digits.


  • A new tab in the factors tool allows you to control multiple graphs at the same time. Sliding the gauge for a factor will update all visible graphs where that factor is not on an axis.

  • There is now a Box and Whiskers plot available in the Graph Columns node. This can be useful to get an idea of variability in categorical levels, blocks, or any other column of data.