Windows Installation

This document details installation of the single-user version of Design-Expert® software for Windows, version 12.

System Requirements

Minimum hardware and operating system requirements:

Component Minimum
Processor 1 GHz
Hard Drive 250 MB free space
Memory 2 GB
Display 1024x768
Operating System
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

Note that Design-Expert 11 and higher are incompatible with Windows XP. Please consider upgrading to one of the operating systems listed above.

Starting the Installation


If you are installing on a Mac, please refer to these instructions.

First you need to locate the installer for Design-Expert. If you downloaded the installer from our website it is probably in your Downloads folder. If you purchased a CD you will need to locate the CD drive in your file explorer. The installer file will be named as follows (the version numbers may vary depending on when you downloaded the software):

OS Filename
32-bit dx-[version].0-x86.msi
64-bit dx-[version].0-x64.msi

If you’re not sure whether your operating system is 32 or 64-bit, choose the 64-bit installer.

Double-click the installer to start the installation. Click Next.


Installation Steps

Choose the destination folder or keep the default (recommended). Click Next.


Click Install then Yes in the Windows UAC pop-up to begin installation.



The first time you run the program you will be asked to activate it by entering the 16- digit key we provided you. When you click OK, Design-Expert will connect via the internet to our activation server and authenticate the license.


If you know that you are using a network license, choose the Use network license and click on OK. See the Network Installation documentation for more instructions.

Activation Options

For unusual circumstances, there are four utilities available in the Options menu. These options allow for copying an already existing license file, activating by email for a specific Host ID, setting the HTTP proxy and deleting old license data.


Activate by email

If your computer can’t reach our server via the internet and you are unable to perform the manual activation procedure described above, you will need a license file sent to you. Click on the Options menu and choose Activate by email to send the 16-digit serial number and Host ID to us. If you do not have an internet connection, or if your email client fails to launch after clicking OK, email Include your serial number and the Host ID reported in the Activate by email dialog.


Copy license

We will reply to valid email activation requests with a license file that will activate your software. Use the Copy license option to copy the new license to your computer. Activate by browsing to the location of the license file then clicking OK. The license file will be copied to the proper directory on your system and the program will be activated.


Set HTTP proxy

If you know that your system has a proxy server, you can enter the host name of the proxy. Click on the Options menu and choose Set HTTP proxy. The host name should be entered in the form host_name:port_number if the port number used by the proxy is not the default 8080. If you need to set the proxy credentials, they can be entered in the form user:password. Note that only BASIC authentication type is supported.


License Agreement

Upon successful activation you will be presented with the EULA. Accept to proceed into the software. Registration can also be done later via Help > Register Online….



Consider registering the software online. You will be given an option to register the first time you install the software.


How to Access Tutorials

The Tutorials are now included with the Help system. You can find them within the program via the Help menu. They are also available at


Technical Support

Before contacting support, be sure to look at:

  • This documentation, particularly the “Program Hints and FAQ” section.
  • The Stat-Ease website for program updates and updated documentation.

To obtain program support from Stat-Ease, you must be a registered software owner or a user on a licensed network. Please provide your Design-Expert version number and serial number before stating your question.

Visit our help page on our website to find out how to contact us.

Statistical Support

We provide limited free help of a statistical nature. While it never hurts to ask, we may suggest that you purchase some statistical consulting. Statistical support requires a network license, or a single-user license that has paid annual support and maintenance (ASM) dues. You can contact statistical support on our website.