What’s New

Those of you who’ve used previous versions of Design-Expert® software will be impressed with the many improvements in Version 11.

User Interface

  • The look-and-feel has been updated including new icons and more tooltips.
  • Toolboxes (e.g. the Factors Tool) can be docked and resized.
  • The Design Layout displays a Design Properties tool that allows interactive editing of row and column attributes.
  • Unicode and UTF-8 character sets are now supported.
  • The Run Sheet view of the design has been eliminated to reduce clutter.
  • Better scaling on high dps displays.


  • The Diagnostics graphs have been split into separate tabs that can be resized and rearranged.
  • You can now remove all contours from a surface graph.
  • Mixture plots are now equilateral triangles.
  • 3d graphs no longer switch to a wireframe when rotating.
  • Graph lines are now anti-aliased (smoothed) and thicker by default.


  • Reports have been split into separate tabs that can be resized and rearranged.
  • There is a new toolbar for switching between predetermined layouts for the tabs.
  • Factorials with center points now have a curvature test with an interactive “Remove/Add Curvature” button.
  • Many tables in reports are now sortable.
  • Ctrl–scrollwheel zooms in/out of reports, increasing/decreasing the font size.


  • Split-plot designs can be built with I or A-optimal criteria
  • Split-plot factorials design sizes are now specified by number of groups and group size.
  • Optimal bootstrap parameters have been tweaked to improve performance.


  • The maximum model order in the Fit Summary can now be limited to speed up calculations for large designs.
  • The ANOVA for factorials with center points has been streamlined to make the analysis more intuitive and flexible.


  • The entry of confirmation runs has been moved into its own table, allowing you to easily enter and review your confirmation data.


  • The response simulator has been expanded with new functions and constants (see help for usage).