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You may find the tutorial flowchart a helpful guide for selecting a design according to your needs. Download the pdf here.

Data and simulation files associated with the tutorials need to be downloaded separately.

The Design-Expert® Software, v10 tutorials can be read with Acrobat Reader (9.0 or higher recommended) which you may download from Adobe at For your convenience, they are listed [in square brackets] with their corresponding tutorial below. To download a file, right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." depending upon your browser.

If you are still using version 9, click here for Design-Expert v9 tutorials, or click here for Design-Ease v9 tutorials.

For resources in other languages, click here.

There are a few DX8 tutorials noted below that will be replaced by DX10 versions as they become available. To download all the tutorials and files at once, use the Tutorial Installer at the bottom of the list.

Tutorials (DX & DE)SizeDescription
Adobe Acrobat Document General Multilevel-Categoric One-Factor1.9 MBBuild and analyze a one-factor factorial design, "Bowling"
Adobe Acrobat Document General Multilevel-Categoric Factorial1.63 MBBuild and analyze a three-level design with factorial analysis, "Battery" [Battery.simx]
Adobe Acrobat Document Two-Level Factorial3.09 MBTwo-level factorial design, "Filtrate" [Filtrate.simx]
Adobe Acrobat Document Foldover Designs1.63 MBAugment a factorial design by foldover (DX8 tutorial) [Biker.dxp]
Adobe Acrobat Document Taguchi Designs641.36 KBTaguchi designs (DX8 tutorial) [Taguchi-L16.dxp]
Adobe Acrobat Document Split-Plot General Multilevel-Categoric Factorial954.92 KBBuild and analyze a split-plot factorial design, "Pulp" [Pulp.dxpx]

Tutorials (DX Only)SizeDescription
Adobe Acrobat Document One Factor RSM1.54 MBBuild and analyze a one-factor RSM design, "Driving"
Adobe Acrobat Document Multi-Factor RSM3.55 MBMultifactor response surface, "RSM" [RSM.dxpx & RSM-a.dxpx]
Adobe Acrobat Document Optimal Numeric1.05 MBAdding multifactor constraints to an optimal design
Adobe Acrobat Document Mixture Designs2.59 MBBuild and analyze a simplex-lattice design, "Mix" [Mix.dxpx & Mix-a.dxpx]
Adobe Acrobat Document Combined Mixture-Process1.55 MBBuild and analyze a mixture design with process factors, "Fish Patties" [Fish Patties.simx]
Adobe Acrobat Document Optimal Categoric1.28 MBAdding categoric factors to an optimal design [Peel.dxpx]
Adobe Acrobat Document Historical RSM1.4 MBAnalysis of highly correlated data, "Longley" [Longley.dxp]
Adobe Acrobat Document RSM Split-Plot2.12 MBDesign and analyze an RSM split-plot design, [Airfoil.dxpx]
Adobe Acrobat Document Combined Split-Plot1.77 MBSplit-plot design with both mixture and process factors [ Lady Baltimore.simx]

Feature TourSizeDescription
Adobe Acrobat Document Simple Sample379.54 KBHow to use simple sample designs [Simple Sample-Motor Shaft.dxpx]
Adobe Acrobat Document Split-Plot Factorial650.58 KBHow to build a factorial split-plot [PCR with data.dxpx & PCR.simx]
Adobe Acrobat Document Split-Plot Optimal344.98 KBHow to build an optimal split-plot [PCR as Optimal Build (starter).dxpx]
Adobe Acrobat Document Verification Runs434.76 KBHow to use verification runs [RSM-a.dxpx]
Adobe Acrobat Document Confirmation Runs380.39 KBHow to enter confirmation runs [RSM-a.dxpx]

Windows Executable File Tutorial Installer27.85 MBSelf-extracting zip containing all of the Design-Expert 10 tutorials.

Other Languages

See below for resources in other languages. These may be somewhat dated, but they still contain helpful information.

To view a Japanese translation of the tutorials, please click here. You can also view translations of the Stat-Teaser newsletters here. Translations courtesy of our reseller, Hulinks, Inc.

Chinese Design-Expert video tutorials are available on YouTube. These are posted by our reseller, SoftHome International, Inc.

Go to our Articles page and do a search in your browser for "Italian." You will find a number of articles in Italian to look at. Check out some free instructional videos and an Italian version of the Handbook for Experimenters at this link. Translations courtesy of our reseller, SixSigmaIn Team.

See a Design-Expert v7.1 two-level factorial tutorial in German here. Translation courtesy of our reseller, Statcon.