Pat Whitcomb

Patrick J. Whitcomb, MS

Pat is the founding principal and president of Stat-Ease, Inc. Before starting his own business, he worked as a chemical engineer, quality assurance manager, and plant manager. Pat co-authored Design-Ease® software, an easy-to-use program for design of two-level and general factorial experiments and Design-Expert® software, an advanced user's program for response surface, mixture, and combined designs. He's provided consulting on the application of design of experiments (DOE) and other statistical methods for several decades. In addition, Pat is co-author of the books, DOE Simplified: Practical Tools for Effective Experimentation, 3rd Edition and RSM Simplified: Optimizing Processes Using Response Surface Methods for Design of Experiments, 2nd Edition, and has published many articles on design of experiments (DOE).

Professional Credentials:


  • Bachelor/Master of Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota, 1973, 1977

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